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Muzzle Bungees Specifically Designed for Spear Guns. Muzzle Bungees act as Shock Cords to keep the Shooting Line Taught on Spear Guns. The Bungee component we use is the highest-grade Synthetic polymer tubing (Silicone), which outlives Natural Latex Tubing bungee rubber 100%. It also has supple stretch so it does not torque your line release and over tighten the shooting line. Dyneema core Line in the center rated at 550lb that Elongates Up-to-Three Times its Original Length and has a High Strength Snap-Clip that Swivels 360 degrees, making it Easy-to-Remove-and-Hook to the Shooting Line. 600lb Test Snap Swivel. All SpearPro muzzle bungees are made in the USA.


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