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The Sea Diver RayBlocker-HD Anti-fog Mask fits most small to medium faces and is a good choice in a double lens framed design that will accommodate facial hair, large noses, and high brows. This version also includes lenses with the Sea Dive RayBlocker-HD Optical MultiCoat Technology which which makes for a more comfortable diving experience. RayBlocker-HD “High Definition” lenses minimize harmful UV and glare. Reduce lightwave length to 400-600 nanometers—less harsh white light—BluRay for comfortable human-eye viewing—improved definition at all depths.The RayBlocker-HD coating feature gives great clarity and easy-on-your-eyes for viewing. This mask also offers a superb Anti-Fog film feature on the inside of the lens that reduces the tendency to fog.

SeaDive Sea Diver Rayblocker HD w/Anti-Fog Dive Mask (SMA540BS)

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