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The Superview-SL TrueColor scuba dive mask offers a large teardrop shaped single tempered glass lens to improve your peripheral and look-down vision and features a black, high-impact plastic frame; black skirt; and easily adjustable strap. The inside of the TruColor lenses have an amber/yellow color tint which brightens your visual field of view. The outside of the lens has a blue/purple mirror coating which performs like sunglasses, reducing reflections and glare. TrueColor lenses pick up red and yellow colors normally lost underwater at depths of as little as ten feet of water. Also reduce glare, blocks UV rays, define faint edges and increase depth perception. The Anti-Fog feature means the mask has an embedded water resistant compound on the inside of the lens that reduces the tendency to fog. This Superview mask fits most medium-to-large faces.

Oceanways Superview-SL TrueColor w/Anti-Fog Scuba Dive Mask (OM8A836BS)

$119.95 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
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